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Your community is your most valuable asset.
Leverage their engagement, connections and resources to grow your business.

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Interactive Treasury Forecasting

Tout your Treasury

Highlight every cash flow into and out of your Org's treasury.

Whether you are a community member, a company applying for a grant, or part of the governance team that is accountable for monies, understand the treasury so you can grow the organization.

  • Forecast the next outlays
  • Participate in financial decisions
  • Improve your grant applications
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Transparent CRM

Show your Growth

Show, Don't Tell.

When you growing your web3 Org, you can leverage a new kind of CRM to show your charts are about to go up and to the right.
Your leads, conversations, and tasks become assets and your community members can help get your deal over the finish line.

  • Share activities with your community so they can amplify the message
  • Selectively include or redact sensitive details
  • Tap into crowdsourcing your growth in a systemitized architecture
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Token-gated Engagement

Share your Stash

Selectively allow access to your community's resources.

Your Organization's moderator can grant access to members who hold your token, NFT, or any other authentication method. You hand over these permissions to a DAO vote or elected signators; you control who gets to see what message.

  • Adds utility to token, NFT, or council-permissions holders
  • Empowers your community with critical transparency (and alpha)
  • Protects sensitive or confidential data

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